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The Number of Papers Collected in Three Major Research Platforms Has Increased Significantly in Northeastern University

Written by:WangYuhui    Edited by:   WangYuhui  Resource:Northeastern University    Update:  2018-11-19  

On October 30, the China Institute of Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Science and Technology released statistics of 2018 China's scientific and technological papers. The number of papers collected in three major research platforms has increased significantly in Northeastern University, with a totol of 4434 papers, of which 1866 papers has been collected in SCI, ranking 33rd in national higher education institutions. 2086 papers has been collected in EI, ranking 23rd while 482 papers collected in CPCP-S, ranking 29th among national colleges and universities.

It is reported that since 2012, Northeast University has been strengthening the construction of science and technology reward and incentive system. Under the guidance of the system, the number of SCI papers in 2017 is nearly three times that of 2011, with remarkable achievements.